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A good essay gets you into a good school.

The best essay gets you into your dream school.

I'm Ben, a junior at Stanford and college essay advisor. While advising admits to top schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford, I learned that the secret to getting into your dream school isn’t a perfect SAT or 4.0 GPA—it’s telling a persuasive story. I'm here to help you craft that story.

Benjamin Thomas, a junior at Stanford University and a college admissions advisor.

Students have been accepted to schools such as...

Your admissions officer reads thousands of essays.

Make them remember yours.

Write compelling narratives

I'll edit for more than just grammar and spelling. Together, we'll write compelling narratives that fit the tone and structure that top college admissions officers are looking for.

Deliver a cohesive message

It's not enough for your essays to be individually excellent—successful essays work together to deliver a cohesive message. I'll help you discover, plan, and execute on that message throughout your entire application, from your personal statement to your activities page.

Confidently fit the genre

Beyond necessitating impeccable writing, college application essays require you to understand a unique genre. I'll share my years of experience writing in that genre with you to create an essay that you can be confident in.

Essays that Worked

Real essays. Real students. Real edits.

Guns, Germs, and Steel

Stanford Class of 2025

11,000 Miles Alone

Georgetown Class of 2026

I Still Believe in Magic

Stanford Class of 2027

"I didn't feel like I could compete with the people I read about online"

Before working with Ben, I didn't think I had the kind of inspirational background that top colleges were looking for. I was a good student with decent extracurriculars, but I didn't feel like I could compete with the people I read about online. Ben helped me realize my potential and encouraged me even when working on college apps was frustrating and discouraging. Thanks to Ben's help, I got into my top school for my intended major.

Kevin J.

U of Washington

Class of 2027

Kevin, a student at the University of Washington.

"Ben was invested in my work and actively worked alongside me"

Working with Ben on my college essays provided me with the clarity and guidance I needed in the editing process. His edits were extraordinarily thorough—my papers often had detailed notes on every sentence, with careful attention paid both to my writing mechanisms as well as my content. I truly felt like Ben was invested in my work and actively worked alongside me, rather than just as a detached critic. I would highly recommend him to any student looking for a strong writer and perceptive reviewer!

Abigail F.


Class of 2026

"He got me accepted to my top college"

Ben is beyond amazing not only as an essay editor but also as a mentor and a friend. He is incredibly humble and down-to-earth, as well as knowledgable about not only college essays, but also tying together experiences both personal and professional to craft an impressive narrative. He got me accepted to my top college through countless revisions and practical strategies. We still stay in contact as good friends, and I can firmly recommend Ben.

Jiahao G.


Class of 2026

Jiahao G.



Common and Coalition Application

The Common App and Coalition App are used by almost every applicant. We'll craft a narrative extending beyond your personal statement, utilizing all sections of the application from activities to supplements.

University of California Application

The unique format of the University of California application can be daunting, but together we'll pick your ideal topics to create four unique but complementary essays that showcase your best qualities.

Not sure? Want to learn more?
Schedule a free, no-obligation virtual consultation to ask me anything.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    I accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.
  • Will anybody else see my essays?
    I will never share your essays without explicit permission.
  • Who will be editing my essays?
    Me, Ben! This is a personalized service, not a large corporate essay mill.
  • How long does this take?
    One round of editing, which includes two meetings, an edit by me, and a proofreading of your revisions, takes about a week. Depending on your situation, the process can be modified to fit your needs.
  • Who is this service for?
    I work with students at any point along their college application journey. Whether you have a near-completed draft and just need a help fine-tuning or you have no idea where to begin, I can help. This means that I work with students at any point in their academic career, from high schoolers to transfers and everything in between.
  • Will you write content/my essay for me?
    No. Not only would this be unethical, your application won't be successful if you don't use your own, unique voice.
  • Who's Ben?
    That's me! I'm a junior at Stanford studying economics and international relations. I also serve as a senior editor at the Stanford Economic Review and am a member of Stanford Debate Society's international travel team. Outside of school, I love to cook, especially spicy food.
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